Jan 3, 2012

NWA Top of Texas vs. Cancer Feb. 19th 2012 3pm

NWA TOP OF TEXAS VS Cancer! Feb 18 and NWA Top of Texas VS Breast Cancer Sunday 3pm on Feb 19th 3pm at the NWA Wrestleplex

Are there Any Women Wrestlers who will Help??? Would love to see at least 2 ladys from each state that is close by New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas

Attn: All Lady Wrestlers! Please make contact ASAP we will be doing a Benefit event for Breast Cancer in February. Looking for Women Wrestlers to take part in this event called Babes for Breast Cancer! This event could be huge please get yourself booked asap

more ladys needed! at least.. Who's Next?
Signed to Wrestle:
Lillith Blood
Erin Jeannie Calandrino
Kiki Rose
Myka from NWA BodySlam
 Mackenzie York from Florida
Jessie Belle Smothers Florida
 Former WWE Womens Champ Jazz From LA
Angelina Rush

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Anonymous said...

Will the NWA Worlds Women's Champion Tasha Simone be there to defend her title? :)


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