Apr 1, 2012

Update on Alliance-Wrestling.com closing.

It is with a heavy heart that today I am announcing the next step of Alliance-Wrestling.com. When the Alliance was formed back in 2007 it was created with the intent to increase the awareness for the National Wrestling Alliance. What stared out as a vehicle to promote local Southern California NWA affiliated promotions led to the website you see today. Effective immediately, the Alliance-Wrestling.com will cease operations. The Alliance has been a wild ride for me, but I believe this is the best way to continue to grant exposure for the myriad of promoters under the NWA Banner.

SBNation contacted me a few days ago after learning of my blog through their Angels Baseball blog I visit, HalosHeaven.com.  After a few days of negotiations, SBNation made a bid to purchase: www.Alliance-Wrestling.com and www.talkNWA.com. Along with these properties, my facebook group Y'All Like Wrestling will also be closed in this agreement.  I cannot disclose the terms of our agreement.  With the agreement in place, I'm happy to announce that I'll begin to pen a weekly column for the CagesideSeats.com, highlighting the National Wrestling Alliance as well as reporting on the news and information of the NWA directly to CagesideSeats.com.  

Thanks for the Memories.

Jay Cal
Of course, it is April 1st. 2012. So it is probably just a huge joke.

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